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Temptress Pearly White
Showing Herself More Each Night
The Full Moon Am I

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January: Wolf Moon

Harsh White Penetrates

Eager the Sounds of Howling

Dead Lifeless Unheard

February: Snow Moon

Intense the Blizzard

Starvation Welcomes the Plague

Beautiful Sorrow

March: Worm Moon

Maple Sap Spills Sweet

Earth Warms Momentum Erupts

Red Robins Return

April: Pink Moon

Moss Grows Enriching

Spring Flowers Nurturing Life

Circle Continues

July: Buck Moon

Raucous Thunder Roars

Rain Falls Animals Mature

Life Cycle Repeats

August: Sturgeon Moon

Corn Silk Brown Ripeness

Mayflies Congregate Infect

Prehistoric Fish

September: Corn Moon

Harvest Sustains All

Celebrate Seasons Reward

Nature Almighty

October: Hunters Moon

Death is Everywhere

Provisions Secure Safety

White Winter Awaits

I've always been intrigued by the Full Moon. My new project involves writing a Haiku Poem and a Piano Composition for each of the twelve moons. I am using the Old farmers Almanac naming and descriptions, which are based on Native American lore.

Photo: Mike Petrucci (UpSplash)

Voice Artist: Sekinam (Fiverr)

Audio Production: John Webber (Krona)

May: Flower Moon

Embryonic Seeds

Fertility Awakens

Hope Everlasting

June: Strawberry Moon

Wet Juices Flowing

Thirst Quenching Early Desire


November: Beaver Moon

Frost Arrives Intense

Down Fur Pelts Fire Survival

Hearthstone Welcomes All

December: Cold Moon

Long Nights Approaching

Beauty Wonderment Despair

Craving Excitement