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Fan Comments

"Steve , We  listened to your Tin Man C.D.  and those arrangements are absolutely incredible. My son is 18 and is just starting to take a melody and arrange it. Listening to your C.D. is a big help to him but he also needs to see the music to see how others do it ; so to have your music on paper would be a tremendous help to him. So this is an encouragement to do it". Vic 

"I do a new age radio show called "MUSIC TO HEAL THE HEART", which is the only new age radio show in the state of North Carolina. Recently, I heard some of your music on the website of "CD Baby"and enjoyed it so much that I would like to get some of it from you, to include in a future show.Presently, on the show I am focusing on great pianists and I feel your music could make a tremendous contribution to the shows format".  David Oldham 

"Incredible music.  I bought 10 of your CDs to give as gifts. Wish I lived closer so my daughter could be a piano student. Do you have copies of your sheet music for sale? Look forward to future CDs...keep them have a gift"! kbh